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The Importance of LC-MS in Drug Discovery

Electrospray Ionisation (ESI) has changed the way mass spectrometers were  used. A predominant chemist tool has changed into a bioanalysis tool. ESI depends on solution-based ionisation unlike in-source ionisation in classic Electron Impact (EI) ionisation technique. Due to its compatibility with aqueous media and working in atmospheric pressure, ionisation interfaces have made it possible to design hyphenated techniques like LCMS. Improvement in HPLC and column technology have further helped to use samples at microliter level. This helps to achieve animal studies using least samples thus saving precious animal life.

Some of key signature ions in a typical mass spectrum help to identify the structure of molecules. Presence of Chlorine always shows a pair of isotope ions corresponding to m/z 35,37 in 1:3 ratio, Bromine is indicated by a pair of isotope ions at m/z 79 and 81 in almost equal abundance, carboxylic acid by a loss of 49 Daltons, sulphonic acid by a loss of 98 , hydroxy group by a loss of 17 and so on. Such signatures help in elucidating metabolic pathways of drug molecules and identify soft spots in molecules. Chemists would be guided to improve biological stability of molecules by blocking these soft spots with isosteres.

Development of triple quadrupole spectrometers has  enabled development of sensitive and specific detection techniques like Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) which help in improving detection sensitivity of molecules. By coupling multiple channel detectors like PDA, one can identify minor components and can probe any unknown peaks including impurities in the sample. Such structural identification helps in understanding the course of disposition of molecules within the biological system.

Modern analytical techniques are extremely sensitive. However, benefits of all cutting-edge techniques are fully harnessed only when we use ultrapure reagents.  VISHWAS ANALTICS  is a s SINGAPORE based company focusing on development and commercialization of purification  and synthesis  procedures to prepare such ultrapure chemicals and reagents. FEMTOPURR range specifically caters to high pure solvents ,Gradient HPLC Solvents, specialty chemicals ,standards and impurities . As name of our brand suggests, contaminants such as metals, residual solvents , process impurities etc are stripped to micro to femto levels based on product and customer need.  LEONID CHEMICALS  has entered into a definitive agreement to have exclusive worldwide distribution rights  to market  FEMTOPURR  range of chemicals



February 4, 2022


Chromatographic Society of India



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