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Ultra Pure Solvents

Organic solvents are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as reaction media, in separation and purification of synthesis products and also for cleaning of equipment. This paper presents some aspects of organic solvents utilization in an active pharmaceutical ingredient and a drug product manufacturing process.

As residual solvents are not desirable substances in a final product, different methods for their removal may be used, provided they fulfill safety criteria. After the drying process, analyses need to be performed to check if amounts of solvents used at any step of the production do not exceed acceptable limits (taken from ICH Guideline or from pharmacopoeias). Also new solvents like supercritical fluids or ionic liquids are developed to replace “traditional” organic solvents in the pharmaceutical production processes

Modern analytical techniques are extremely sensitive. However, benefits of all cutting-edge techniques are fully harnessed only when we use ultrapure reagents.  VISHWAS ANALTICS  is a s SINGAPORE based company focussing on development and commercialisation of purification  and synthesis  procedures to prepare such ultrapure chemicals and reagents. FEMTOPURR range specifically caters to high pure solvents , specialty chemicals ,standards and impurities . As name of our brand suggests, contaminants such as metals, residual solvents , process impurities etc are stripped to micro to femto levels based on product and customer need.  LEONID CHEMICALS  has entered into a definitive agreement to have exclusive worldwide distribution rights  to market  FEMTOPURR   range of chemicals

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December 7, 2015




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